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Fintech copywriter

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English SEO Content

Original English content for companies in startup, fintech and freelance spaces.

Landing Page Rewrites

I'll rewrite your website's key pages so they address your reader and convert better

Full Website Copy

Do you have a new website or are you in need of a complete overhaul?

Dutch SEO Content

Original Dutch content for companies in startup, fintech and freelance spaces.

Landing Page Reviews

A thorough review to make your website convert more (without rewrites, though)

Social Media Ghostwriting

Struggling to turn your ideas in to short and sweet Tweets or LinkedIn posts?

(A bit of social proof for the doubters)

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What Have I done for you?

Writing Podcast

I've interviewed 24 self-published authors about their writing process and marketing.

Productivity Blog

I've written 40+ science-backed articles about flow, decision-making and habit creation.

Copywriting Tips

I'm sharing all I know about copywriting and analysing down landing pages regularly.

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Who am i actually?

Kjell Vandevyvere freelance schrijver

Hi, I’m Kjell.

I’m a freelance writer and creator based in Belgium.

In 2016, I left everything behind for a gap year full of adventures and experiences. It took me to the UK, Uganda and Bolivia.

That’s the year I started writing online. And things have changed a lot since. In 2017, I met my wife who’s from Peru. In 2019, I got paid to write. In 2021, I got married and became a dad.

And in 2022, I started The Copy Galaxy, a business combining many of my writer and creator interests.

Scroll on for monthly updates or check my NOW page to see what I’m up to right now (not this very minute, but more or less these weeks).