Kjell Vandevyvere

SEO Content and Website Copy

"If you don't care about how you communicate, you don't care about growing"

I write English and Dutch copy related to finance, startup investing, and solopreneurship

Writing Services

Landing Pages

I review, rewrite and create landing pages. 

SEO Content

I write SEO blogs and articles in English and Dutch.


I write tweets and threads to grow your personal brand or company.


Top Three Guide

My first online writing project. In partnership with Loki Kapoor, I wrote deeply researched articles about productivity and decision-making. Ranking in over 1,000 views per month via Google Search.

Coffee & Pens

My podcast. In 2021, I interviewed 26 writers about their writing, marketing and publication process. I quit because it was taking up too much time. You can read everything I learned from it under “writings.” 

Copy Galaxy Guide

The Copywriter’s Guide to the Galaxy inspired the name for The Copy Galaxy. In this long guide, I’ve dropped everything I’ve learned about copywriting in 2021. I’m building on top of this for The Copy Galacy.

Newsletter: The Unrestricted

As I’m exiting the newbie freelance writer stage, I’m sharing weekly tips and tools with fellow freelance writers. But mainly, I’m sharing my thinking behind freelance writing as a business. New subscribers get a free five-day welcome series with tools, reads, courses and community tips.

Kjell Vandevyvere freelance schrijver

Hi, I’m Kjell.

I’m a freelance writer and creator based in Belgium.

In 2016, I left everything behind for a gap year full of adventures and experiences. It took me to the UK, Uganda and Bolivia.

That’s the year I started writing online. And things have changed a lot since. In 2017, I met my wife who’s from Peru. In 2019, I got paid to write. In 2021, I got married and became a dad.

And in 2022, I started The Copy Galaxy, a business combining many of my writer and creator interests.

Read on for more about my projects and services

2022 Goals and Progress