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Three Tips to Enjoy Life

The following ideas are things Josh does every week to make the most of his time – hopefully you can try a few that suit your lifestyle and help you make the most of every day.

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A Case for Curiosity

We are born curious, but most people aren’t that curious. That’s a problem for writers. Writers need to be curious. Curiosity leads to new ideas. So where did it go wrong? Babies are the most curious creatures in the world. They observe everything. Every sound… Read More »A Case for Curiosity

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28 Lessons About Life

Today, I’ve completed 28 laps around the sun. Here are 28 things I’ve learned on that journey (in no particular order). It’s ok to change your mind. I thought these lists were stupid at first. But they aren’t. So here I am making one of… Read More »28 Lessons About Life