Creating A Landing Page — Community Tips

Every landing page has two sections: above the fold and below. What you see first needs to be clean, clear and activating. You want your potential client to hit that button, or at least to read on.

Harry Dry from Marketing Examples gives these five elements as the essential parts for an outstanding first impression:

  • Title to explain value
  • Subtitle to show you how
  • CTA to make the next step easy.
  • Visual so they can see the product or service
  • Social proof to make it believable

I added some of my own wisdom to this in a tweet and the community came back with a lot of extra wisdom on creating a landing page.

Here’s how the Twitter community writes killer landing pages:

  • Create a how to use it section.
  • Add more social proof below the fold. (Testimonial, number of clients, well-known customers, reviews, awards)
  • Have an irresistible offer.
  • Write an FAQ to fight all objections.
  • Clearly state what you do. Don’t leave any doubt.
  • Showcase the product in action. Do you have a video of a client using it (user-generated content)? Maybe a demo or a video of the results?
  • White space. Don’t scare the reader with loads of text.
  • Clean branding all-round.
  • Show the client you know how the problem makes them feel.
  • Assuring customers their data would be safe with you.
  • Explaining what happens next if they take action.
  • Easy to read

Pick you’re favourite elements and start creating a landing page that will sell. You can do it.

If you’re more of a visual learner, have a look at this tweet with a mindmap about creating a landing page:

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