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The Unrestricted Newsletter

The Unrestricted is a weekly newsletter about my freelance journey. There are many benefits and drawbacks that aren’t so visible from the outside.

My goal is to give you unrestricted access to my journey as a creator and freelance digital copywriter. This way I hope to motivate you to start your own journey and help you avoid the mistakes I made. You’ll also hear about any updates related to the below projects and new articles I write.

Coffee & Pens Podcast

A collection of 28 interviews about writing, publishing and marketing books. The extensive show notes have been quoted “the best podcast show notes of any podcast I’ve been on” by multiple authors.

“Writing a book isn’t as difficult as it seems—not if you can look over the shoulders of successful authors. Follow Coffee & Pens to learn about self-publishing, building a readership and writing more prolifically.”

Top Three Guide

In an ideal world, everyone is successful in their own way. Social pressure and money don’t have to overshadow mental health and work-life balance. Excelling at what you love is enough.

Our mission is to bring your work and personal life in perfect balance. When you get more done in less time, you’ll find the energy and extra hours needed to experience the full potential of your life.

The Copywriter’s Guide to the Galaxy

My public collection of everything I’ve learned about copywriting, from landing pages to email. Sources include online courses, books, threads and more.

7Q Writing Framework

A small set of seven questions to help you orient your writing, optimise it and make sure more people actually read it. Each question comes with one or two pages of details and tips.

How to write clearly?

There’s a lot to be said about writing for one specific person. I agree that’s best practice but it doesn’t always work.

What happens when you need to address a wider audience? A global audience, maybe.

Here are some things you should take into account when you want to write clearly for a diverse audience.

Step-by-step editing

Whether you’re trying to build an audience on Medium, writing blogs for your business or drafting newsletters, quality is key.

And you just can’t get quality without several rounds of editing.

In this short checklist, I’ll guide you through the five steps I follow to edit blog submissions for multi-million dollar startups.

Affiliate Resources