Fantastic Formulas to Make Copywriting a Tiny Tad easier

No matter what people think or say about copywriting formulas, they are a great tool for copywriters, marketers and solopreneurs.

I love them because they can be used in many different ways:

  • To design your landing page
  • To write tweets
  • To write a sales page
  • To practice writing about your product.

Copywriting formulas are an essential part of my writing process.

You’ll find a wide range of formulas online. These six are easy to get started because they’re common, short and effective when done right.

  • AIDA: attention – desire – interest – action
  • PPPP: picture – promise – prove – push
  • BAB: before – after – bridge
  • PASO: problem – agitation – solution – outcome
  • FAB: feature – advantage – benefit
  • ACCA: awareness – comprehension – conviction – action

Let’s take one example (my newsletter 😉) and write a few lines about it following each formula.


AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire and action.

The first goal is to grab your reader’s attention. Then spark their interest and make them desire your solution. Finally, invite them to take action.

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PPPP stands for picture, promise, proof and push.

Start by painting the picture of what your target audience wants to achieve. Then promise that you’ll make that happen and proof that you can do it. Finally, push your offer.

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BAB stands for before, after and bridge.

First, explain your target audience’s current situation and why that’s a problem. Then transfer them to an ideal situation where this problem is solved. Finally, introduce your solution, the bridge between both.

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PASO stands for problem, agitation, solution and outcome. The outcome is optional.

Start by addressing your audience’s problem. Then make it a bit worse so they really feel like they need a solution. Follow up with your solution. Optionally you can tell what will happen when they use your solution.

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FAB stands for feature, advantage and benefit.

Lead with a feature and explain the advantage of using your product. End with the overall benefit of it.

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ACCA stands for awareness, comprehension, conviction, and action.

First, raise awareness of a problem or show that you’re aware. Then show that you understand your audience. Now introduce your solution and why it works. End with a call to action.

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