Home and Landing Page Checklist

Try to check off as many things as possible but use your sense of logic. Not everything matters to your company, and not everything can be combined.

Above the fold

Title and subtitle

  • The title is as short as possible
  • The title is clear
  • It is specific to your company/solution
  • The title shows a benefit or outcome, or calls out a pain point
  • The title is memorable (bonus)
  • The subtitle mixes different elements (transformation, social proof, stats, benefits, features, fighting objection)
  • There is a pre-title (to address your audience/ clarify your positioning) 
  • There are no rotating words (they look cool but are annoying)
  • Is it possible to highlight a few keywords?
  • It absolutely does not include “The X company/solution”

CTA Button

  • The copy is s as short as possible
  • It announces the next action clearly (action verbs)
    • There are no surprises or bottlenecks after clicking, such as “login”
  • It has a single goal
  • It has a colour that stands out (orange, green, yellow, red) 
  • It includes an email-form (in the case of a newsletter or lead magnet)
  • It includes “My” or “Your”
  • It leads to benefit or outcome (motivating)
  • There’s a maximum of two buttons
    • They don’t have the same or a similar goal
    • It must be a great alternative such as “try a demo”
  • Do all the buttons look alike? (same typeface, emoji, icon …)
  • Are you asking for payments? Add some of this:
    • Money-back
    • Free trial
    • No creditcard needed
    • Other social proof
    • Specific friction remover: e.g. “does not affect credit score”.

Social Proof, trust elements & friction reducers

  • There is social proof above fold
    • In the title/subtitle
    • Around or in the CTA
  • Types of social proof
    • Written testimonial (bold/highlight important parts)
    • Video testimonial
    • Awards & certifications
    • Ratings
    • Logos of clients
    • User Generated Content
    • Relevant news/media placement
    • Show the number of users/number of clients or projects
    • Years of experience
    • Show influential users
    • Show some results (e.g. sales figures)
    • Add security/trust badges
    • Add payment logos
  • The social proof addresses different angles and persona’s.
  • The social proof answers objections
  • There’s a mix of qualitative and quantitative results


  • If you use video:
    • Start/stop button
    • Preferably no automatic start
    • No YouTube embed
  • Show the product in action
  • Is it relevant to the product/service and the title/subtitle?
  • Essential copy should not be hidden in the visual.
  • Did you use an emotional visual? Very good reasoning is needed

Below the fold

Potential sections

  • How it works
  • Address pain points
  • Features
  • Services
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
    • Costs
    • Time-frame
    • What’s included
    • How are you different?
  • Founder’s note
  • Case study

Sign-up form

  • As short as possible (multiple pages if too long)
  • Is “first name” or “telephone” really needed?
  • Add lead qualification questions (such as budget)

More social proof

  • As seen in
  • Funded by
  • Client list
  • Testimonials
    • Video
    • Written with photo
    • Image
  • Case study

CTA buttons

  • Consistent with other buttons and/or surrounding text
  • One CTA button after every other section
  • Colour that stands out


Desktop Menu

  • As few tabs as possible
    • Add a second menu to limit options (about, …) This could be at the bottom
    • No home link (your logo does the job just fine)
    • No social media links, please
  • Call to action in a different colour
  • Standard language (what people expect. Don’t be clever)
  • Relevant options
    • Security
    • Pricing
    • Why us?

Chat & Cookies

  • Box left and/or right
  • Localised
  • Not intrusive
  • Any better alternatives for your audience? E.g. WhatsApp

Colour & Design

  • Consistent colour palette
  • Contrast ok?
  • No #FFFFFF and #000000 for BG and text. (Use something slightly off instead) 
  • Plenty of whitespaces
  • Use relevant visuals
    • People (eyes towards CTA button if possible)
    • Product examples
    • Screenshots
  • Text size: Use multiples (eg. of 6: 18, 24, 30, 42…) 
  • Consistency with fonts and text colour  
  • Nudge to scroll beyond the hero section
  • No distractions such as moving BGs
  • No intro screen

Responsive design

  • Hamburger menu
  • Hero section fully visible
    • Check different screens
  • Images stack correctly 

Spelling & Grammar

  • Spelling & grammar are localised
  • Spelling & terminology are consistent

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