How To Turn Your Twitter Bio Into A Follower Magnet

Credit for some insights to @TeamJohnH and @Jessievbreugel.

People find you through tweets but follow based on your profile.

A descriptive and emotional Twitter bio is key to gain followers. Your bio starts with your header and profile description. By extension, also consider the pinned tweet.

Here’s how to optimise each section:

Improve Twitter banner

  • This is what people see first. Avoid stock images or anything that looks like one. Put text here instead. You can add the text on top of a darker image if you like.
  • Use a few words to add value or share what you do. Keep it short and simple.
  • Test the size for various devices so the image is not cut off.
  • Remember that links here are not clickable.

Improve Twitter bio

  • It’s vital to make a connection with your banner. Tell more about what you do. What do you tweet about? After writing it, ask yourself “so what?”. Why should they follow you?
  • Hashtags and links are distracting. Limit light blue text. You don’t want to send people away from your profile.
  • Have a website link. This works to gather emails, sell a course and/or gain authority. Limit yourself to one clear CTA.
  • You can use the location box to say more about your url.

Add Twitter Pinned tweet

  • The perfect place to show some of your best content. A thread about your experience and knowledge is a great way to build trust. Active threads show that you tweet regularly.
  • People love stories. Double points if the story is related to your bio and banner.

General notes

  • Can you consolidate the message to make an all-round profile?
  • Big bonus if you’re consistent with brand voice and colours in banner, bio and pinned tweet.

Social media and employment:

  • A Twitter account with a following can only benefit you. It shows your personal brand and ability to build an audience. If you consistently add value, companies will find you, either as an employee or freelancer.

Photo by Murat Karahan on Unsplash

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