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Is There Much Difference Between Creation And Curation?

I’ve always wrongly hated being called a curator

A creator is noble, adventurous, always exploring new terrains. 

A curator is just boring in comparison, right?


Being a curator isn’t that bad at all. It also takes a unique skill set like a critical view, patience and great organisation.

And it’s just as noble. If not, nobler. Because all curators do is uplift others and promote their work.

Curators and creators are more alike than different.

In a way, curators also create. 

When they put together different creations, they need to link them together in a blog post, thread or whatnot. They are creating a new collection, a new gallery and a new setting to glue everything together.

And creators also curate because it’s hard to create something 100% original.

 Creations are based on inspiration from others, they may even include stories about and quotes from others.

So it’s time to embrace curation more. Uplift more people. Promote brilliant work. 

Besides, preferring to just be a creator is an ego thing anyway.

So I decided to curate more.

Here’s a thread I wrote yesterday:

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