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What an optimisation with detailed pointers looks like 

Why Optimise My Page?

No matter who writes your landing page, missed opportunities are inevitable. One set of eyes isn't enough to guarantee the best results.


Copy you deem clear and convincing is not. Essential details are missing. And most landing pages have ambiguities.


The result? You're losing possible clients.

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These people loved their optimisation

“Kjell quickly and efficiently provided some important and much needed landing page edits and copy for our new venture launching soon. Collaborating internationally, across time zones and currencies was seamless with Kjell. Highly, highly recommend. ”

Zach Weismann
The Impactful

"The insights from Kjell were great. He analyzed our landing page and gave suggestions on copy and layout improvements. I definitely recommend his landing page reviews to anyone who wants to improve their conversions."

Dan Cucolea


"Kjell's roast of my landing page was stellar! The report pointed out the pitfalls in a conveniently visual way. It made me see many blind spots I had never seen before. The recommendations are practical, simple and clear. Couldn't recommend Kjell enough!"

Jason Leow

How about the results?

How much to optimise my page?

Only €250,- away from more customers

  • Full Page Review
  • Targeted Tips
  • Design Advice
  • Copy Rewrites 

 No results in one month? 100% money back 

"Kjell's landing page review was business (if not life) changing"

Maria-Kristina Muntean
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Why is a landing page optimisation worth €250?

Think about this: How fast will you earn it back? How many extra sales or subscriptions do you need to earn €250? Do you think Lydia's two new clients don't make up for this? I'm pretty sure they do. So I'm also sure you'll feel the difference. But if your conversions don't go up within one month, you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

How does an optimisation work?

When you click one of the buttons on this page, you'll be taken to a booking page. Complete the form and I'll send you more information, such as the exact price (standard = €250), payment information and a personalised onboarding form.


Within days of receiving your onboarding form, I'll do additional research and analyse your page. Then, I'll share a detailed bubble with suggestions to improve your landing page, copy revisions and a video summary.

What does an optimisation look like?

"Once & for all." does not add value to this headline.


The "&" makes it look unprofessional. And the period isn't necessary.

Just "Get Rid of Form Abandonment" is short and clear. But you could add a result of that => and boost conversion. 


Clear benefit: new customers and sell more. This sounds good.


But who is you? This headline is too general. 

The rest of the page suggests it's for
"Shopify stores/owners/sellers"

So use that in the headline. 

The headline is too long.
And too passive.

So make it active: "And transform your life".

The subtitle isn't convincing. It needs to be about the reader, not about the community. 

Mention the benefits of joining.

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