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Never Compare Yourself With Others

You’ve probably heard people say you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

You should set your own rules and standards. Only compare yourself to your past self. Yet, there’s one thing they forget. They often do tell you to compare yourself to others without realising it.

When do you hear the don’t compare yourself advice?

It happens when you’re on the verge of giving up; when you’re feeling down or jealous. Someone is getting hundreds of likes and you want the same success. Don’t compare.

And what happens when you get a hundred likes but you wanted a thousand?

Suddenly, you get a whole other piece of advice. Hundred is great. Think about all the people that are dying to get a hundred likes…

Yeah, but didn’t you just tell me not to compare?

So it’s wrong to compare with those in front of you, but ok to compare with those behind you?

That’s not right. If I decide a hundred isn’t enough for me, then I shouldn’t compare myself with those behind me to feel better. And neither should I compare myself with those in front of me to feel better.

Never compare yourself with others; wherever you are.

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