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Here’s what I’m up to these days

Last update: 7 October 2021


I’m in Bolivia at the moment. In two weeks, we’re travelling back to Peru to get our second Pfizer vaccine and to pick up some luggage. Afterwards, we’ll travel to Belgium and spent the rest of the year there. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking to change my official address back to Belgium although we won’t be making the permanent move yet.

More consumption?

I wanted to listen to more podcasts but I haven’t. I even bought a new connector to plug my headphones into my iPhone. Paid over $25 dollars for it and haven’t used it once.

I did buy/receive a few books. I’m reading So, Anyway by John Cleese, next up is some Kurt Vonnegut. Then I’ll read two book for Coffee & Pens.


So this year, I started taking copywriting a bit more seriously. But I’m still not all in.

I’m currently working for three clients and it looks like I might have my first two retainer clients next month. There’s nothing official yet, though.

I write Dutch landing pages about home improvement, I write and translate Dutch content for a Fintech company, and I write cold email campaings.

7Q Framework

In my daily newsletter, I worked on a writing framework called the 7Q writing framework. Original, right? Anyway, I tackled one question per day and I absolutely loved the approach so I’ll continue using this idea for the time to come.

I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with the framework itself. It may become a lead magnet, or an email series, or a paid product. That’s why I’m not sharing it here.


At the moment, I’m focusing on my daily newsletter and Coffee & Pens. And I’m doing surprisingly well when it comes to keeping other projects at bay.

I’m writing a daily newsletter called The Unrestricted to about 135 subscribers. This hasn’t changed since last time although those 135 people definitely aren’t the same. Every day, I share an idea or experience related to writing or creating. Sometimes I rant about something else and on Sundays I let a guest writer take over.

My goal with coffee & Pens is to make writing a book easier. I talk to authors about the challenge of writing their first book. By looking over their shoulders and learning from their mistakes, you can avoid many obstacles.

Copywriting guide to the galaxy

The Copywriter’s Guide to The Galaxy

This is a compilation of everything I’ve learned about copywriting. Every time I read a new thread, course or book with relevant information about copywriting, I add new ideas to this page.
It’s all for free.

Top Three Guide

This project is on pause

In June 2020, I launched the website with my friend Loki. This is the website that got me started with regular content production and with my newsletter. Due to other commitments, we stopped producing content, however.

Nevertheless, the website’s performing well and is now getting over 100 organic visitors per month. The visitor count keeps growing, so we pick it back up in the future.