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Here’s what I’m up to these days

Last update: 6 January 2022


The turn of the year is a traditional time for reflection.

I’ve reflected a lot about mistakes, focus, goals, personal branding etc. There are still things I’m not that clear about but I’ve made a lot of progress.

For example, I don’t plan on creating a dozen of things like last year. Instead, I want to focus on things that do generate income like freelance work.

I’ve also realised that tackling too much at once doesn’t work. Even having a creation/consumption project at the same time leads to reduced focus. Another problem with these projects has been deadlines. So I’ve decided to do one thing at a time without a strict deadline. I’ll just start with the next when the first project is over or automated.


I’ve long ignored Medium, but in November I started building a small following. I’m glad that I’ve achieved the 100-follower mark to get inside the paid programme around the 20th of December. Since then, I’ve already made the full $3 via Medium. Soon enough I’ll earn back my monthly subscription fee.

You can follow me here as I’ll write about the creator economy, freelancing and client outreach.


As I said, I’ll stop working on too many things at once and tackle one thing at a time.

For now, this means I’ll catch up with some “consumption” like unread books, courses and bookmarks.

Below you can find my three most significant projects. Coffee & Pens is my ongoing podcast but I’ll reduce the frequency this year.

I hope to get back to the other two projects later this year.

Copywriting guide to the galaxy

The Copywriter’s Guide to The Galaxy

This is a compilation of everything I’ve learned about copywriting. Every time I read a new thread, course or book with relevant information about copywriting, I add new ideas to this page.
It’s all for free.

Top Three Guide

This project is on permanent (?) pause

In June 2020, I launched the website with my friend Loki. This is the website that got me started with regular content production and with my newsletter. Due to other commitments, we stopped producing content, however.

Nevertheless, the website’s performing well and is now getting over 100 organic visitors per month. The visitor count keeps growing, so we pick it back up in the future.