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Here’s what I’m up to these days

Last update: 4 December 2021

Full-Time Freelancer

Last month, I got started as a freelance writer back in Belgium. Most of the admin has been dealt with and I’m starting to get settled with everything. Half of my days are filled with a retainer client. I’ve got one quite irregular client on top of that and I’m now testing different ways to find new clients. My goal is to try one tactic per day.

Despite the many expenses in the first month, I’ve managed to make some profits. Here’s a full financial and personal goal breakdown.


I’ve long ignored Medium, but now I got a monthly subscription and I’m going for 100 followers to enter the earning programme. To do this, I’ve decided to read and comment on at least one article per day.

You can follow me here as I’ll write about editing and the different client outreach methods I’ll try.


I was running a daily newsletter but that was a waste of time. So now I’ve switched to a weekly one again and I’ve changed from ConvertKit to Revue. You can read about the change in the first issue since the change. I’ve lost track of the total amount of newsletters I’ve sent.

Io this month, I’ll focus on three ongoing projects (newsletter, Medium, outreach) and freelancing. On top of that, I want to close some open loops over the course of the next few months.

Like this:

December: publish four more Coffee & Pens podcast episodes and close season 1. Also upload possible videos to YouTube (maybe short clips for other social media) and create a paid product related to self-publishing.

January: Expand the Copywriter’s guide to the galaxy. I’ve got about 10 more sources to add. Then, I’ll focus on packaging it better so I can turn it into a paid product too.

February: Create a similar page about SEO

March: Return to Top Three Guide for a month. This is my first online project and since leaving it about 8 months ago, organic traffic has slowly increased. I’m expecting about 1k monthly visitors by March and that’s a good number to revamp the website, make it more focused and turn it into some sort of passive income stream.

Copywriting guide to the galaxy

The Copywriter’s Guide to The Galaxy

This is a compilation of everything I’ve learned about copywriting. Every time I read a new thread, course or book with relevant information about copywriting, I add new ideas to this page.
It’s all for free.

Top Three Guide

This project is on permanent (?) pause

In June 2020, I launched the website with my friend Loki. This is the website that got me started with regular content production and with my newsletter. Due to other commitments, we stopped producing content, however.

Nevertheless, the website’s performing well and is now getting over 100 organic visitors per month. The visitor count keeps growing, so we pick it back up in the future.