About Kjell Vandevyvere

Last update: 20 January 2023

Recent activities

It’s been a crazy start to the year with two big and exciting projects.

After two and a half full-on weeks, I’ll be slowing down a bit and focusing on finally renewing www.thecopygalaxy.com next week. In February, new projects are waiting.

My goal for The Copy Galaxy is to create the best web copy guide for all sorts of pages. It’s ambitious, but I know I can do it.


The competition is huge but the competition pays freelancers for clickable content. I’m going to create it for myself first. I’ll put more work into it, and I’ll know the audience perfectly – I’m my audience…

On a personal level, I’m getting really scared for my second child to arrive soon. In the next two months, we still want to move to a different place, buy lots of stuff and get everything ready.

I also want to do a few more big projects before I slow down in April.

Exciting times!

What’s Kjell’s background?

Born and raised in Belgium, matured all over the globe. I’ve lived in Spain, the UK, Bolivia and Peru. I also spent a brief period in Uganda.

I’ve always wanted to have my own business and become a freelancer, probably since reading the 4-Hour Workweek or so. But I was scared of taking the leap and finding excuses not to. But at the height of Covid-19, I lost my job and there was no way I’d find another good-paying job in Bolivia at that time. So I had to take the leap. And still, I didn’t…

In 2020 and most of 2021, I did some odd writing gigs. But I mainly focused on building a small audience on Twitter, making a podcast and creating writing guides.

Somehow it was a loss of time and somehow it wasn’t. I learned lots. And I made many friends and connections I still benefit from.

Then in October 2021, I moved back to Belgium and finally made the call. I became a full-time freelancer. You can read more about my story here.


23 December 2022

It’s almost Christmas and I’m winding down after a few busy months. In fact, I’ve been so busy I haven’t updated this page since May. It also means I barely made any other website changes since then. That’s a record.

As the end of the year is getting near, it’s time to reflect. Next year, we’ll become a family of four and there’ll be less time for distractions. I’ll go all-in on my freelance business and avoid any ecom or creator economy side hustles. But it will be hard 🙂

I do want to create something. That’s why I’ll be building www.thecopygalaxy.com into my own primary resource for website copy. My motto: if it’s useful to me, it’s useful for others. But it doesn’t stop there. I want the content to be top 0,1% in its area.

Well see.

Let’s gain a few extra X-mas kilos first.