About Kjell Vandevyvere

Last update: 5 May 2022

Recent activities

I’m sitting in the airport of El Alto – La Paz (Bolivia) and it’s 36 minutes past midnight. We’re travelling from Cochabamba (Bolivia) to Lima (Peru).

Last week, my wife graduated as a doctor and I missed out on three great job opportunities.

My focus for the next month is to get better at time-blocking on a higher level. I want to spend certain days on certain projects. Instead of a little social media content creation and outreach per day, I’ll do all of that one day. So far, I’ve only been doing that for admin.

Roughly, I’m planning to dedicate 3,5 days to work, and 1,5 days to non-billable work. Let’s see how it goes…

Apart from two rather regular freelance writing jobs, I’m helping out Ben Putano with his book Great Founders Write. And I’m going to spend some time helping a new friend with the communication side of his highly ambitious startup.

What’s Kjell’s background?

Born and raised in Belgium, matured all over the globe. I’ve lived in Spain, the UK, Bolivia and Peru. I also spent a brief period in Uganda.

I’ve always wanted to have my own business and become a freelancer, probably since reading the 4-Hour Workweek or so. But I was scared of taking the leap and finding excuses not to. But at the height of Covid-19, I lost my job and there was no way I’d find another good-paying job in Bolivia at that time. So I had to take the leap. And still, I didn’t…

In 2020 and most of 2021, I did some odd writing gigs. But I mainly focused on building a small audience on Twitter, making a podcast and creating writing guides.

Somehow it was a loss of time and somehow it wasn’t. I learned lots. And I made many friends and connections I still benefit from.

Then in October 2021, I moved back to Belgium and finally made the call. I became a full-time freelancer. You can read more about my story here.