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Website copy and UX advice

I analyse home pages and explore opportunities to improve copy, design, UX and positioning so companies can convert more website visitors.

You can also find quick tips based on common mistakes and UX best practices.

And there’s a swipe file with the best bits if design I find online.

Visit www.thecopygalaxy.com

Advice about habits and flow based on science

There’s lots of bullshit online about productivity and flow. So Loki and I decided to dig deeper and find out the truth. We’ve read dozens of research articles and compiled top three tips on a range of topics such as habits, flow and reading comprehension.

Visit www.topthreeguide.com

Podcast with self-published authors

Self-publishing a book is an enormous adventure. I admire people who do it all on their own: marketing, writing, editing, selling…

I’ve interviewed two dozens authors about their books and writing processes. The list includes people like Steph Smith, April Dunford and Rob Fitzpatrick.

Visit www.coffeeandpens.com

More about this soon

I help fintech (and SaaS) companies with website copy, content and SEO. My clients include Soldo, Aspire App, Accountable.eu, Winwinner, Adfonic and Taxfix. 

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28 Lessons About Life

Today, I’ve completed 28 laps around the sun. Here are 28 things I’ve learned on that journey (in no particular order). It’s ok to change

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