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Why You Should Be Patient With Your Side Project

How long do you think it takes before your side project will become successful?

How long are you willing to wait for it?

Think about it for a minute.

Are your answers aligned?

In my case, they aren’t. I bet yours aren’t either.

I’m super impatient. And you?

I created my first paid product a few months ago. It wasn’t a big success. Of course, it wasn’t. Was I expecting to get 1,000 strangers to buy something from me without knowing me? (I didn’t even have 1,000 followers)

Fortunately, I’ve now realised that the priority in the early stages of a side project is anything but monetisation. So, I switched back to more engagement and creating more free value. Trust me, it starts there.

Making money can wait. I’ve only started this journey nine months ago, after all. (Not even five months with Coffee & Pens.)

It’s way too early to expect to replace a regular job with a side project this early.

Did you know it takes 26 months on average to replace one job income with income from a side hustle?

26 months. More than 2 years.

So there’s no reason to get impatient. If there’s no money coming in after 20 months, then it’s time to start getting worried.

But like me, you’re probably earlier in your journey. So keep calm and carry on.

“It takes five to ten years of daily grind, and then you just get lucky.” (@orangebook)

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