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These are some cool companies I've blessed with my words

These aren’t the only ones, though. You can see the full* client list here.
(*ok, ok. It doesn’t include some ghostwriting clients for privacy reasons. You know how it goes.)

And these are some cool people who blessed me with theirs

I've also got a bunch of certifications to impress you

Google Marketing certificate

And if that doesn't do it, here's some actual work

Aspire App

Blog editor & project manager

I worked in close partnership with the marketing team to create a brand-new blog for founders and entrepreneurs. I oversaw the quality of four writers, managed the project and wrote copy for social media.

"Kjell is one writer who will work with me on every project I take up provided my clients can afford him. His work would always exceed my expectations and I could be at peace about not having to edit anything before publishing. While managing brand and content for one of the top 10 startups in Singapore, I brought him as the editor to project manage content and process for a blog meant for startups. He created a style guide, oversaw 4 writers, defined posting structure and delivered a proud output."
Rahul Chawra
Branding Consultant


Dutch content & ad specialist

For this project, I started with a review of the Dutch Home page. Now, I’m writing SEO landing pages and blog posts for the Dutch market via frase.io. On top of that, I write ads for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Soldo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies. In 2019, they raised a $61 million Series B, the largest round of funding ever secured by a pay and spend automation company.

"Kjell is great at writing and making recommendations for Dutch content and best practice for content in the Dutch market. I'll continue using him for future projects."
Customer Acquisition Team