The Best Way to Say It Review – Joshua Lisec

This is a review of Joshua Lisec’s course: The Best Way to Say it: How to Write Anything From Blogs to Books with Epic Persuasion

Joshua Lisec is the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. He has ghostwritten many TED talks and books for famous people spanning a wide range of topics.

Three takeaways from The Best Way to Say It

In Joshua Lisec’s The Best Way to Say It, you receive a cheat sheet with a structure to follow. A structure you can use to write or edit anything. The course is full of tips and tricks. Joshua explains them to you and then shows how he applies his strategy. The importance of below aspects dawned on me while I saw him in action.

1. Treat your copy like a TED talk

Ask yourself:

» What is unique about me?
» Why should people care to read or follow?
» What is my ONE idea? My USP?

» Why is now the time to share?
» Why does it matter now?

» Why am I the one to share this idea? Why not someone else?

2. Everything needs to flow

When you review, everything is about flow. Does the headline take you to the first line? Does the first line take you to the rest of the intro? The intro to the body?

Is it all connected?

Did you drop “anchors” to link paragraphs?

An anchor is a phrase or sentence that refers to a previous paragraph. It reminds the readers where they are at.Not to be confused with an echo: the repetition of an earlier statement with different words. This means the original statement was not strong enough.

3. Add just enough detail

Add details to visualise the situation and create emotions. (Don’t tell them what to feel, make them feel it.)

But be careful! Too much detail will bore your reader.

Ask yourself: Does it move the story forward?

This is what you get in The Best Way to Say it:

  1. How to Get the Most out of This 
  2. Part 1 – Restructure for Perfect Flow 
  3. Part 2 – Refine for Maximal Persuasion 
  4. How to Get Clients Online the Stupid-Easy Way (BONUS)
  5. Watch Me Edit Ed Latimore’s Personal Development Chapter (BONUS)
  6. Watch Me Edit a Healthcare Industry Article (BONUS)
  7. Watch Me Edit a Software Lead Gen Email (BONUS)
  8. Watch Me Edit a Leadership Article (BONUS)
There’s a total of more than eight hours of video examples in this course.
And that’s not all…

The Best Way to Say It comes with three more Bonus Products

  1. How to Write a Competition-Killing Bio (BONUS)
  2. Product-Market-Copy Fit ft. (BONUS)
  3. The Best Way to Sell It – Sales Page Case Study (BONUS)  

*This is an affiliate link. It means that I get a percentage of the sale when you buy this product after clicking this link. You might assume that this review is biased. But it isn’t. I’ve reviewed more expensive courses that were terrible and I’m not promoting them. I bought The Best Way to Say It myself and I’m only promoting it because I found it valuable.