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The Problem With Streaks

Streaks are the best habit growing hack they say.

Do it one day. Then another. And another. You just keep going. After a while, it’ll come automatically. You’ll have a huge streak. Impossible to break now. The streak holds you accountable.

And that’s the problem.

When something becomes a streak, it’s not something you want to do anymore. It’s something you have to do.

You don’t get to work out, write or meditate every day. You have to. Because when you don’t do it, you’ve failed. You’re a failure.

Suddenly, a seventy-day streak becomes a zero-day streak. “How will I ever get back to seventy days again, “you think? All that progress is lost. It seems like too much work and you never start again. The streak that helped you so much in the beginning suddenly became your curse.

I’m saying no to streaks from now on. I didn’t do my morning routine. I didn’t want to write this essay. Not this Sunday. But here it is.

Not doing streaks doesn’t mean not acting on inspiration. Because when you’re inspired, a 30-minute “have-to-do” turns into a 10-minute “want-to-do”.

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