Why People Write

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Have you ever wondered why people write?

What their motivation is to put words onto paper or letters on a screen? 

I have. So I asked around.

Someone told me he had “100s of reasons”. I didn’t believe there could be so many reasons. But more answers started coming in and everyone seems to have a different reason. So maybe there are 100s, or maybe even more. 

Writers sent me answers in the style of a blog post. Exciting answers with up to five bullet points. Powerful answers. Life-changing. And answers as simple as “I write because I like to create.”

I could try to curate the answers into categories but I won’t. I’ll let them do the work for me this time. The writers deserve this.

Here’s why people write:

  • “Distilling my thoughts to ideas to insights to share with others is why I write.”
  • “To publicly embarrass myself on the internet? Kidding. Mostly.”
  • “Lately, it’s been more therapeutic and creative—to channel that energy.”
  • “To make money. People pay me lawyer-level rates for copywriting”
  • “It began as part of my therapy, following my car accident. Part of my cognitive recovery. It turned out, I enjoyed it!”
  • “I like impacting others, and it’s fun to create things!”
  • “You can learn anything, even about you, by writing.”
  • “To be a lighthouse for like-minded people”
  • “To blend thoughts and information into ideas that have the capacity to impact the future.”
  • “I started writing because I wanted to become famous overnight lol. Now, I just write because it helps me know what’s going on with these ideas.”

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