Write This Not That by Joshua Lisec

This is an affiliate review of the Joshua Lisec course: Write This, Not That: The 45 Anti-Persuasion Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

Joshua Lisec is the world’s only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. He has ghostwritten many TED talks and books for famous people spanning a wide range of topics

Ten takeaways from Write This, Not That

In this Gumroad course, Joshua Lisec shares 45 do’s and don’ts about persuasive writing. It’s a cheap overview of everything you need to know to start writing to persuade. My favourite lessons are these ten, but every lesson is worth it.

1. Use affirmative language

Tell people what to think of or do instead of what not to think of or do.

(It might have the reverse effect.)

Don’t think of a pink elephant. See…

2. Only give the necessary details

I don’t need to know your dog’s name if I want to buy your car.

3. Stop hedging, start risking

Avoid phrases like

“maybe”, “in my opinion”, “might” and “try to”

Show more confidence.

4. Have an “in your face CTA”

What do you want them to do?

Make it clear from the start.

5. Add new value.

Don’t repeat what everyone already knows.

Tell them what they know but can’t express.

Same for quotes.

Don’t repeat quotes everyone has already read everywhere.

Make it better in your words. You’re the expert.

6. Make your language stick together

When you give motivational examples, can you visualise it?

Do you

a) cut the chord;
b) beat your problem;
c) find a solution?

7. Keep constructions parallel

Keep this in mind for bullet lists.

Always start with the same type of word.


» Sleep more
» Eat less
» Read in your free time


» Sleep more
» Do not eat much
» In your free time, read

8. Write for your ideal reader

Do your market research.

» What are their expectations?

» What words do they use?

» What problems do they have?

9. Give one example per point

Select the best one.

If you need more than one, the examples aren’t good enough.

10. Assume your readers don’t know and are not already agreeing

Be clear and concise. Convince them.

If you don’t do it, who else will?

This is what you get from Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec’s Write This, Not That The 45 Anti-Persuasion Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them) includes an explanatory video and a handy cheat sheet for only $29. It’s years of experience as a ghostwriter bundled in an easy-to-use format.