How to Write with Clarity

Knowing how to pack more value in fewer words is an underrated skill. 

The ability to write with clarity gives you a big competitive advantage. It shows you’re focused, knowledgeable and to the point.

But how do you go about this?

When you’re finished writing up your draft, take time to edit and review. Track down repeated messages. Find and replace what makes you feel confused or bored. 

Replace long words with shorter ones. Stop making decisions; decide.

Write actively. Don’t say words are written when you write. Cut words that don’t add value. “Actually, I think they might add some value maybe because …, you know.” Stop. Delete.

Respect the readers’ time. Ask yourself “will the reader still get the message if I delete this?” Yes? Do it. 

Always follow the rule of one. One thought per sentence. One argument per paragraph. One idea per text. If it were a TED talk, what would be your ONE idea worth sharing? 

Finally, keep it nice and short. More full stops; fewer commas. More whitespace; fewer long paragraphs. Use these tips to write with more clarity. And remember… 

Make the ideas bigger and the world count smaller.

Featured image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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