La Creme de la Creme of Writing Advice

I curated a list of my favourite articles about writing. Thanks to a mix of content about copy, storytelling and fiction, the quality of your writing will never be the same again after you read all of this writing advice.

As a personal challenge, I tried to improve the headline and subtitle for each article.

Do let me know what you think.

  1. Paul Graham. Everything About Writing in 424 Words.
    Write to generate ideas; share to build on them.
  2. Scott Adams (Dilbert Blog). The 80/20 Principle of Good Writing.
    The basic rules to clear and persuasive writing
  3. Morgan Housel (Collaborative Fund) Less Is More: The Secret to Better Writing.
    Tell all you know and stop.
  4. Jessie Van Breugel (The Brave Writer). Why You Should Start Writing Online.
    Tips and tricks to go from amateur to pro writer.
  5. Bobby Powers (Writing Cooperative). Write Fiction Like Neil Gailman.
    Thirteen tips to enhance your writing and storytelling skills.
  6. Julian Shapiro: The Guide that Will 10X Your Writing Skills.
    Better writing: from idea generation, first drafts, and reviewing to creating a writing habit.
  7. Paul Graham: Why Yoy Should Oly Write It If It’s Useful.
    Importance, novelty, correctness and strength: the key ingredients of successful essays.
  8. Khe Hy: Think Writing is Hard? Five obstacles debunked.
    Why you shouldn’t be afraid of sharing your writing online.
  9. Harry (MarketingExamples): How to Write Better copy With Conversational Language.
    Fourteen tips to create a tighter connection with your audience.
  10. Roy Peter Clark (Poynter) How to Write Interesting Content.
    Fifty tips to write more powerful fiction and suck readers into your story.
  11. Josh Spector (For the Interested): How To Grab Attention and Make Readers Act.
    Sharpen your editing process to make all your content powerful.
  12. Nivi (Venture Hacks): How to Write the Entrepreneurial Way.
    Sixteen tips to write like Buffett.
  13. Harry (Marketing Examples): Persuasive Copy Made Easy.
    Seventeen easy rules to writing copy that sells.
  14. Josh Spector: Forty One-liners Every Writer Agrees with.
    The truth about writing in tiny tips and applicable advice.
  15. Jacob M. Appel (Writer’s Digest): How to Make Your Introductions Stand Out.
    Ten rules to write introductions that make your readers want more.
  16. Justin Mikolay: How to Make the Ideas bigger and the Word Count Smaller.
    Why you should write from left to right and edit from right to left.
  17. Matt Maiale, Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve): How to Write Headlines Everyone Wants to Click.
    Why you should share your benefits and solutions form the start
  18. Ann Handley: How to Write Better Even if You Think You’re Good at Writing.
    Nine rules by some of the greatest writers of all times.
  19. Nat Eliason: The Writing For the Web Starter’s Guide.
    The 21 most practical writing lessons I’ve learned in the last 5 years.
  20. Kjell Vandevyvere: How to Edit Your Blog Posts in Four Steps.
    Your cheat sheet to successful editing.
  21. Emma Coats (via Aerogrammestudio): How to write a Story the Pixar Way.
    22 guidelines to write compelling stories everyone relates to.
  22. Neil Gaiman: How a World-class Writer Finds Ideas.
    A Guide to coming up with new and interesting perspectives for your stories.
  23. Paulo Coelho: Twelve Writing Reflections from a Best-selling Author.
    Paulo Coelho’s key takeaways from his interview on the Tim Ferriss Show.
  24. Ryan Holiday: Seven Strategies to Make Writing a Book Easier.
    How to stop getting stuck halfway through and finish your book.

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